Saturday, June 9, 2012

Days 9 and 10

There has not been much of anything new to blog from Cayden's hospital stay.  We are waiting for Monday to see how much more his PFTs have improved.  You can tell he is starting to feel a bit down.  But his spirits are still bright.  Each time we leave and have to come back you can see the light in his eyes fade.  He tells us he is sad that he can not go home but isn't bored yet.  He still has lots of things to do to keep him busy.

We have been praying hard for a miracle for Monday.  Today is my last full day here and then will be going home for work next week.  Chris will be here until he is discharged. It's hard to think of not seeing him until next Thursday...but there is always skype so we can see each other when I am not able to be with him.

We read a great book last night before bed called "God Believes in You" that his great aunt Rose sent us.  It has to be a new favorite for me.

Our favorite line from the book is this one...
When life is feeling quite unfair,
And it seems more than you can bear,
Remember someone's always there,
'Cause God believes in you.

More on Monday after his x-rays and PFTs but the doctors and residents tell us his lungs sound great-no crackling or wheezing but his cough is still there.

Enjoy the sun for us this weekend and do something fun that we can't do from the hospital-comment on our post and tell us what you and your family did to enjoy yourself!


  1. The book sounds great, Tiffany! Will have to get a copy! :-)
    I will pray for a miracle on Monday so that your sweet boy gets to come home! God bless you and yours!

  2. Hi Cayden. We are in Indiana for a graduation party. It is very hot but we have had fun. Tomorrow we will drive back to Jefferson. I pray you get good results on Monday.