Thursday, June 7, 2012

Days 7-8

The days are beginning to blur together.  Days are long and nights short, but the good news is that we have been getting out more and more to enjoy the sun and take "mini trips" to the zoo and out to eat. Cayden is handling all his therapy and IVs great but he is getting sick of being "cooped" up and who can blame a six, almost seven year old boy for that!

The drives are starting to wear on me and the kids at home are definitely feeling the burden of mom and dad chasing in two different directions.  They get dropped off in the morning by me, picked up by Chris in the afternoon, ride with daddy to Madison, say hi to Cayden and get back in the car with me for the ride home.  They are going to stay with Nana and their aunts and uncle in Fennimore until Cayden is discharged.  Hopefully it is a much needed distraction from how "unstable" our family life is right now.  Thank goodness for our Helping Hands site-we have been able to manage this as smoothly as  we possibly can.

We just finished rounds with the doctors and residents and Cayden's PFTs have improved a slight bit.  Unless he has an absolutely rockstar weekend and blows the PFTs out of the water on Monday we are looking at being here AT LEAST until Thursday (of next week :( ).  He's improving, but sometimes things like this just take longer to bring up the weight, get coughing back to baseline (no cough) and PFTs up.

I am staying over tonight with my little man and this weekend we are thinking of pitching a tent in his room and "camping out" since Cayden will have mom and dad all to himself.

Enjoy these pics from the last few days and thanks again for your prayers and thoughts, visits and numerous offers.  You are helping us keep life as normal as we can right now for our entire family.

The Topel Family

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  1. What a sweet, sweet boy. Take care of yourselves! You have the support of friends and family ... we are all here for you!