Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lucky Day 12

Our morning started out a bit on the rough side.  Cayden had a terrible coughing spell that had us very worried.  He didn't want to eat anything and complained that his tummy hurt.  When the doctor on rounds came to see him we asked what is next.  Because honestly his cough isn't getting any better quality wise.  We are starting to feel like there is no end in sight.  When I brought up the possibility of a bronch (procedure that Cayden would be sedated for and a tube is inserted to collect a sample from his lung tissue) Dr. Rock agreed it was a definite possibility given everything we can do at this point and should be taking care of Cayden's cough hasn't seemed to help with the inflammation of his airways.

Tomorrow we will know more after his PFTs and Xrays.  The good news is that his lungs are still sounding healthy and clear.

At 11:30 am the child life director came into our room and asked if Cayden would like to meet Coach Mike McCarthy and his wife of the Green Bay Packers!  It was sooo crazy exciting for Cayden.

He got to hold his super bowl ring, which of course he dropped (without breaking...phew!), told him a joke (why did the coach go to the bank? a: to get his quarterback!), and take some sweet pictures with him!

I don't have all the photos yet from today since the American Family Children's Hospital photographer took them for us, but here is my fav!  Cayden has the Superbowl ring in one hand and his autographed football in the other :).  It completely touched our hearts.

Coach and his wife are co-chairs helping raise money for the new additions to the Children's Hospital. I also didn't know until today of his great work with Cystic Fibrosis---he participates in Green Bay's annual golf outing as well.  We were so grateful to his family for coming out today and for their support of CF.  It meant a lot to Cayden since we haven't had many visitors over the past few days.  There were also lots of news channels that covered the story as well.

What an amazing day.  We can not say thank you enough to Coach McCarthy and his family.  You made our day!  Thank you.

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