Monday, June 4, 2012

Days 5 & 6

Day 5-
Lots of great fun today!  My godfather and his family sent me a new DS game since they live too far awy to visit me!  I love it and am putting it to good use.  The 8th grade girls sent me some nice cards as well as the 5th grade class.  They are so colorful and look really nice next to all my 1st grade friends' letters.

 Cayden enjoyed lots of great company!  His school principal and PreK 3 teacher brought more cards and gifts.

Fr. Tom celebrated Trinity Sunday Mass with us and the sacrament of anointing of the sick.

My siblings finally were able to come visit me...we had so much fun.
Other great visitors that stopped in-
The Collins Family

Aunt Becky and my cousins!

My great-grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa Topel

One of my friends from school, Kroix even came to see me!  We had a fun time doing a train in the hallway-me on the scooter and Kroix pushing my IV machine.

On to Day 6...Today is Monday and mom took the "day" shift while dad went back home.

First order of business, physical therapy picked me up for some time to be "physical".  I guess the nurses thought I was too rowdy or something...

 My PFTs (Pulmonary Function Tests) were redone today.  They are checked every Monday and Thursday while I am here.  Today they showed little to no improvement, however Cayden didn't have to use albuterol first to get his numbers where they were on Wednesday when he was admitted.  Dr. Schroth (our new doc for the week on hospital rounds) said Cayden's best ever was back at his last appointment in April when he blew 120% of predicted.  That is our goal of where he should be back to or very close before discharge.  Today they were around 106%.  Our attending doc, Dr. Guilbert from this weekend said we will not see much of an improvement until at least a week's worth of antibiotics so we should not be discouraged.

Meanwhile on our way back from PFTs by class skyped in on the elevator ride back to my room.  I got to chat with each of my classmates one on one and give them a tour of my newly decorated room.  I really enjoyed seeing them.  They were worried when I didn't move that something had happened to our connection because they clearly know I am not one to sit still!  We closed our time together by praying our class prayer, the Memorare together.


Cayden's next order of business was to hula hoop, as promised, with nurse Brian who did in fact do a great job hula hooping in the competition of a lifetime on the 5th floor.  But in the end, Cayden remained champion king winning 3 rounds out of 3.  Nurse Brian looks like he enjoyed himself way too much.


A visit from my Great-Uncle Wayne was a perfect ending to a great Monday!  I was passed out in bed by 6:30 pm tonight :)  A new Cayden record I think!

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