Sunday, June 3, 2012

Days 3 and 4...Open the Door

Mail arrived from all my 1st grade friends when they took their field trip to the post office.  I am so glad they wrote and drew such beautiful things.  My hospital window looks so much more colorful!

My nurse flushing my port.  Do you notice that there are no more yellow gowns and masks?!?
That's more isolation!  Cayden's culture came back negative for anything that would keep him from being able to leave his room and was also negative for pseudo.  However, he's been on an antibiotic CIPRO for the last 3 days so his sputum culture isn't the most accurate since it suppresses that bug.

I am so, so happy for dear Cayden.  He has been able to walk the halls and enjoy fresh air outside.  The nurses told us he can leave for an hour and go off campus between IV rounds so tomorrow I think we will try and hit up the zoo between skype appointments with classrooms back home at school!

The weekend brought lots of visitors.  Unfortunately I wasn't there for all of Day 3 OR 4 because Colin had to be seen for a terrible cough and Cooper as well.  Colin has bronchitis and Cooper a double ear infection. We borrowed our neighbors' computer to skype Cayden and the kiddos just loved it.  Their faces lit up like it was Christmas morning they were so excited to see Cay and Chris.

We spent all of Saturday having some family time at a birthday party for our dear neighbor Miss Maeve who turned 1 and a wedding for our old neighbors Larry and Nicole.  It was a nice day to have Chris home (thanks to Nana for staying in the hospital for us!)-the kids loved it but it just wasn't the same without our Cay man! 

Back at the hospital Cayden's spelling test was graded in person by Mrs. Kotz and lots more friends came to visit-Courtney Jackson, the Browns, Kyselys, and Sandes, Grandma M & M and my cousins and grandparents stopped in again :)

Check back tomorrow for Day 5's update (which is today, but I'm a little behind!) and Cayden's hula hooping contest that as all the nurses already talking on the 5th floor scheduled for Monday when nurse Brian returns!  He told Cayden has was an 8th grade hula hooping champion.  Cayden is looking forward to giving him a run for his money!

Thanks again for all the prayers, visits, and goodies to keep Cayden company while is recovering at the hospital.  I think we should look into a U-Haul rental for when we are discharged.  There is already so many great things in his room!

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  1. That's such great news about no PA! Helooks so happy! Glad you all got to get out and enjoy the fresh air!!!