Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Donating is FUN!

Just in case you need a reminder, we are raising money for CF people!

This year, we have raised more money than any other by walk day (which is May 19th in case you forgot or still need to register...) Our pancake breakfast was last weekend in my hometown of Fennimore. We definitely felt the love with over $8,000 in generous support for our Topel Trio team. We've had some very exciting online donations over the past couple days as well.

After our last fund raiser event before the walk I get a little antsy considering our only source of donations comes from folks like you reading my blog posts, checking Facebook, watching our montage and the like. Today I challenge you to think about what $5 item you could give up for the sake of CF. Maybe that yummy latte, run through the drive through, movie rental. Could you give $5 to ensure that we make our goal and that scientists have what it takes to do the research and bring us a cure. There is only so much more we can do without YOU. YOU are the difference and it starts today!

Make a donation!

More updates on the kiddos next week...but first, the donation :)

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