Monday, April 30, 2012

2 years

On Thursday Cooper turned 2.  It seems almost impossible.  It was such an emotional day I have to say.  Of course I am joyful for the little man God brought into our life 2 years ago.  But I also couldn't help but think how far we'd come from that day and in the days to come shortly after.

April 28th holds an even more special place in my heart than Cooper's birthday (April 26th).  It was the day we received the unofficial news that Cooper had cystic fibrosis after being wheeled out of our room before discharge papers were signed.  He had a bowel obstruction. 

That could mean only one thing.  CF.

I had to leave my baby this way.  I went home, Chris stayed.  I was exhausted.  Completely.

When I got home the house was quiet.  Too quiet.  Our other kids were with my mom and dad.  It was not the homecoming we had planned.  I was alone so I called the only person in the world that I could bear to tell.  My friend Catherine.

I remember her voice on the phone.  "Are you home with Cooper?"  Long pauses as I tell her the heartbreak and then Catherine's response, "Oh Tiff."  After even more empty pauses for tears she said she is coming over.  10 minutes later Catherine pulls in the driveway and rushes in the door.  She holds me as I sob.

My dear friend Catherine left us 3 months ago after her courageous battle with cancer.  And I cherish that day 2 years ago more than ever.  I am so thankful for her and I miss her every day.

I miss her laugh and how much she truly cared most about everyone but herself.
The way she dressed.  She never took herself too seriously.
How she could listen like she was virtually inside your head.  She understood.
The way she loved God.  It was contagious.
She never had 10 minutes to spare, but when you called you got an hour.
I miss our phone calls when my boys did something out of the ordinary and I needed her veteran advice.
Hearing her pray.

I miss that day.  Our April 28th.

I love you Cath!


  1. What an amazing woman, that Catherine Tackman. You hit the nail on the head with all the details. God bless her for being there for you on that day in April 3 years ago. God bless Cooper and your whole family and YOU. Her wind is still beneath your wings, Tiffany, just from another vantage point. xo

  2. What a special tribute and testimony to her, as a friend and a fellower believer. Happy Birthday, Cooper! You are a special little boy; and LOVED! :)