Thursday, April 5, 2012

And just like that

There are few words in the English language that can do this. Rare words. Words that cut the heart. That when spoken, can bond two people in an instance. Forever.

And it happened today.

I'm waiting for Cayden to be finished with soccer and as I watch him rush the ball to the goal a man comes to my car door. I recognize him. His family attends our church and school. They have always very generously donated to CF and I never really knew their story.

I open my door.

He asks "You were the one who gave the talk at Church this weekend; about CF?"

I say yes and thank him for their family's support. I remember their first donation. The check had a note enclosed. It read "We also have a family connection to CF." The didn't know us but yet still felt compelled to support the Foundation in honor of someone they knew with the disease.

So I ask "What is your connection to CF? I know your wife told me longer ago that you have a family connection."

The words come out of his mouth like a sword. "My brother had CF."


I am speechless.

One word.

What can I say except I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Please watch this video.

What you are doing right now IS Adding Tomorrows for so many people with CF.

And then, make a donation for all those who never got a chance because CF didn't let them.

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  1. Wow...inspiring on so many levels...lit a candle for the Topel Family at Holy Hill today!