Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Have you registered to walk for the TOPEL TRIO?

I just want to take a moment and blog on the great need our team has for new and veteran walkers to help us commit once again to helping us raise a ton of money for the Foundation.

We need absolutely every single one person we can to step it up in terms of fund raising this year. With a new drug approved by the FDA and others in the pipeline the Foundation has committed 100 million DOLLARS to research this year.

What does it look like to be on a Great Strides team?
Sending out personal letters, emails, etc.; contacting as many people as possible to join our cause. Asking friends to walk and raise money as well. We couldn't possibly be a strong team without every person doing as much as they can.

I have lost track over the years of how much money our walk teams have raised in past years. My best guess would be in the ball park of $100,000. A strong team is only as strong as its team members. We can pour all our blood, sweat and tears into the money we raise, but at the end of the day its more important what our team has done.

Take a moment today and get registered to join our Walk team in Madison, WI or wherever you live! It's super easy, fun and totally worth it. Just ask our kiddos!

Yes, I want to walk with the Topel Trio

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