Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A List

I thought I'd give a quick update post. Cooper's cold is on the mend (FINALLY). He finished his antibiotic course today and it's his half-birthday. Already 6 months old! Cayden ended up on bactrium as well since his cough seemed to continue and his sputum culture lent itself to the fact that he is not only combating a cold virus but also staph.

I wanted to share with you a list of all the things I know ONLY because my kids have CF. Below are a few of the most noteworthy. Enjoy!

I only know...
+that poops floats when nutrients/fat is malabsorbed. Sinking is what we aim for in the Topel house :)
+that there are different "families" of antibiotics.
+that pseudomonas is not a made-up word. it's a bacteria.
+that vests cost an average of $17,000.
+that chromosome 7 is the CF gene.
+that males are sterile.
+how to pronounce long, multi-syllable names of drugs, bacteria.
+that MRSA is code at hospitals to treat you like you are a leper.
+that is takes 3 negative sputum cultures to be taken off of "isolation" status at clinic visits.
+that the CF foundation is the most efficient non-profit, donating 90 cents of every dollar to research.
+many very amazing and wonderful people who have CF.
+that you can give a 2 week old applesauce (so they can take their pills).
+that you never know when you might need enzymes. we take them with us, in multiple bottles, everywhere we go.

...all because of CF.

And, the list goes on. Add a comment of something you know only because of CF.
My next post will hopefully include a very cool project the kids were able to be a part of to help with the Madison CF Chapter's Gala "Olive with a Twist." I'm really excited to see the finished project and will share it when I do!


  1. Because of this blog I now know that I malabsorb taco bell!

  2. lol to kevin! i too was thinking well now i will have to analize the kids poop,..... i now know i am wondering how to tell in diapered babies without throwing it in the throne,...? i know that i have a higher respect,...a more greatful attitude for research, and a love for those kiddos that is wonderful! on top of that, i now know the katchup bottle theory!