Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It's been a busy, busy week.

What I've enjoyed...
+Making Jack O' Lanterns with the youth group that bring God glory!

Here's a link to the poem we used to create these.
It's an easy and great kid-friendly craft :)
+Spending time at Mom's Group. We started a new book study "Who is My Neighbor." I love it already.
+My husband's support and love.
+Watching my kiddos go crazy over used, hand-me down costumes for dress-up!

+Colin telling me that I must be going to work. I'm wearing "working clothes."
+Seeing my laundry pile nearly cease to exist.
+Getting a new book I ordered from Amazon: "Sabbath."
+Coming home from religious ed. to a CLEAN and QUIET house. Everyone was already tucked into bed when I got in.
+Knowing next week will not be as nearly exhausting as the current one!
+Celebrating Cooper's first tooth coming in!

the "icing" on the cake (haha. excuse the pun)...
+finding out the kids are sill MRSA free. This is probably so much more very amazing to me; the fact that out of all three of them only Cayden grew staph which is a "no biggie" when it comes to sputum cultures. Heck, it's nearly nothing. Trinity and Cooper; not a thing! UNBELIEVABLE!

To end, here are some quotes from St. Paul of the Cross who the Church celebrates today!

"Your crosses dear God, are the joy of my heart. How beautiful to suffer with Jesus!"

"Christ Crucified is a work of love. The miracle of miracles of love. The most stupendous work of the love of God. The bottomless sea of the love of God, where virtues are found, where one can lose oneself in love and sorrow. A sea and a fire or a sea of fire. The most beneficial means of abandoning sin and growing in virtue, and so in holiness."

"We ought to glory in nothing other than the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are blessed and don't know it. You have Jesus Crucified with you."

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