Thursday, April 11, 2013


Every year we go into auto pilot.

March arrives and we start over. Fund raising and tirelessly sharing the joy of why people should invest their time and money into the CF Foundation.

And as each new year passes, oddly enough it gets easier.  It gets easier because the Foundation is full of hope and promise.  Yes, it sounds cliche but on the contrary.

The days and weeks ahead will be full of sharing the glory of what every last dollar has meant and done over the past year, but somehow we still fall short of what words to say, use, that can POSSIBLY convey the absolute truth of what miraculous things are unfolding before our very eyes.

This weekend we will be selling our "65 Roses" and as much as we want to "convince" people that this is THE charity to be investing their money in, the truth is they convince us to continue what we are doing.  Tirelessly.  They inspire us by their generosity and help us push through the hardest of setbacks.  Our parish priest recently got a letter from the Foundation sharing the exciting news of VX809 moving into Phase III patient studies.  His response to the letter is what we will share this year- "Is this really true?"  It is the question we ask every day, knowing with full intention that it is.  And for someone who is not in the "know" of CF research we can respond YES this is true wholeheartedly.

We have so much to celebrate because of these people.  They have no idea.  And I hope we can share even a piece of our joy with them.  Because without them we would be hopeless.

Every single dollar matters.  It's how we start with nothing and end with $30,000!  Please consider giving.  Donate to the Topel Trio

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