Saturday, February 25, 2012

Revisting TOBI

And we're back! Cayden (who was the only one cultured 2 weeks back) still has a positive sputum culture for pseudo. Dr. Green said the results were super promising on eradicating given that the labs read "small amounts of" which meant we had made great progress in the past 28 days. However great of news it was, it still meant 28 MORE days of TOBI, 28 MORE days of oral Cipro.

Trinity and Cooper are both coughing now as well, which may mean another culture in the near future to make certain they also are not going pseudo. This would be Cooper's first positive culture for PA.

We are starting to get all geared up for Great Strides Season. This year's out with a bang event is what I'm calling "Dress to Impress: Gowns for CF" at the end of March.

Prom dresses and formal gowns in a variety or sizes and colors, each for only $10. All proceeds benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Can't wait to empty my closets!

Mary Kay makeup tips for the big night and free raffles.

Here is a just for fun, cute little craft idea for your little ones. I am thinking of doing a hand-print of each kiddo outlined in crayon. Happy St. Patrick's day!

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