Thursday, March 24, 2011

Something Beautiful

The theme of our Confirmation retreat this year was "Something Beautiful" based on the song by Need to Breathe.

We got home on Saturday night. My sister had lent me some of her large glass cylinder vases for a retreat a few months back and I had finally gotten around to parting with them. But while I was packing them up, I heard glass shatter. No! I thought. How could I be so careless. I felt terrible knowing I had broken something someone had given me to borrow. But I've also learned to not sweat the small stuff especially when it comes to having 4 small children and a dog in the house. The crazy thing is that I decided not to take it out until that specific moment. Why? I was unsure until I saw that God had desired for me to see it at the certain moment in all eternity.

I picked up the broken glass to toss it out. When I turned it around I saw this...

A complete and beautiful heart. I'm not sure why God chose to make Himself known in such a way. But I do know that only God is capable of such perfection. Such intricate detail. And only God could do that. Something beautiful for sure.

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