Wednesday, March 16, 2011

April PowerHouse

I must say, I'm really excited for this coming month's youth group line-up. The Holy Spirit did a really nice job!

This Is What We’ll Do in April.

Eye of the Needle. I have no idea why it’s called this. There isn’t even a needle involved. Oh, wait. Yes I do. This team building activity involves a hula-hoop balloons and people passing through the “Eye of the Needle”. All in relation to the rich young man.

Improv Skits. We’ll give you the theme of Lent. We’ll also give you 3 random lines you must use at some point in your skit. You’ll give us the laughs!

Coke Relays. What does a Coke can, a group of middle-schoolers, and a parking lot all have in common? Come to Coke Relay night to find out!

Dinner & a Movie Night: “Henry Poole Is Here”

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  1. Love all your ideas! I imagine all the kids learn so much from you. What a wonderful role model that they have! Good job, mama!