Sunday, March 6, 2011

A 4 Year-Olds Prayer Intentions

Last night (as we do most all nights) I asked Colin and Trinity who we should pray for.

These were Colin's prayer intentions/requests (in order...)
+For all the kids in the world who have CF like Cayden, Trinny and Cooper. So they don't have to do all that "stuff."
+For Connor so he doesn't have to get fed by that tube (he meant his feeding tube) and so he will feel better.
+For Catherine Tackman who has the same thing Connor has.
+For Treyton.
+For Grandpa M & M (my grandpa who just passed away Thursday night. They call my grandparents "M & M" because they always bring a package of their favorite candy when they visit).

And I added a prayer intention of my own. For all the kids like you Colin who live with kids that have CF.

What a sweetie!

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