Saturday, December 11, 2010


I hate to say it. But, it's been a while. It's a good kind of while though. Nothing major. Nothing earth-shattering. Nothing too unusual. The kids have healthy other than all running their course on a virus around Thanksgiving time. So, I'd say we're doing pretty well!

Cooper's last weight check-in was at his 6 month well-baby (ok, let's be real here. I I didn't get him there until more like 8 months!). From his previous weight his dietitian is estimating Cooper to be gaining 3/4 of an oz./day (whereas the normal is at least 1 oz.). He has finally crossed the threshold of drinking solely formula. I am sort of biased in favor of breastfeeding through 12 months but let me explain:

a) Cooper was starting to get a bit more interested in bottle feeds.
and b) we can fortify the heck out of formula with less time involved.

Dietitian Erin suggested 5 scoops per 9 oz of water, but when his weight gain still hadn't improved her recommendations went up to 6.5 scoops per 9 oz. And he's still getting plenty of melted butter a top his baby food and cereal (so jealous of him :))! Next weigh in: December 23rd! It's crazy to think that as I try to scrutinize my diet for ways to cut OUT calories I am doing the total opposite for the CF kids.

And I almost forgot to mention he got his first haircut! He is looking more handsome by the day!

Just for fun, here's a walk down memory lane to remember how each of the kiddos looked at this stage. In pictures they stay little forever...





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  1. What sweet kids...SO gorgeous and full of personality...the photos just show it. How blessed you and Chris blessed your four children are, Tiffany! I continue to keep them in my prayers and wish for them good health...hey, if you ever need a volunteer for transferring some weight to them, I'm your girl!! :-)