Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Update on Cooper

A little more on Cooper's enlarged colon:
I spoke with his dietitian today about his GI issues and the x-ray results. Her suggestion was to continue with the Florajen capsules (1 is equal to 10 cups of yogurt :)) once a day to promote good bacteria growth AND increase his enzymes per feeding from 3 to 3.5 for a good week or two. Then, if he STILL doesn't seem to be doing well we'll look into taking him to a GI peds specialist at the UW. Then the plan might include an abdominal scan. She thought our concern of possible surgery to correct the issue may very well be a possibility to pursue in the future.

On a good note, kickball is only 24 days away! We are getting really excited and thrilled to see all the support coming our way. There are lots of new sponsors, a few new teams and hopefully lots of money to be raised. Last year we raised close to $10,000. Here's an updated list of all our sponsors so far:

Diamond Sponsors ($100)
Eric Felth, State Farm
Sullivan Vet
Sherman Sanitation
Sentry Vos
T & C Transfer
Petro Oil
Werner Pump Service
Knights of Columbus
Catholic Family Insurance
Catholic Knights
Dawg Daze Entertainment
Capn’s Steakhouse
The Drug Store
Pro Build
Ruffin’ It Resort

T-shirt Sponsors ($75)
County City Credit Union, Jefferson

Base Sponsors ($25)
Creature Comforts
Maas Brothers Construction
Once and Again Consignments
Blackhawk Tavern and Grill
Crawfish Corners
Chemair Helicopters
Ultimate Excavating

If you haven't checked out the "official" Kickin' for a Cure website, take some time and do it today! www.kickin4acure.com

We are so blessed to have "techno-savy" neighbors Tim and Ann Marie to create and keep it up-to-date. Enjoy all their hard work!

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  1. Thanks for the update on Cooper! Have been thinking about you! :)