Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Big Question

So this past week, Cayden asked me two very important questions.
The first: "Mom, when I am old enough to drive can I go to a hotel without asking?"

And the second: "Why did God make me with CF?"

We knew this day would come. And we were prepared. When Cayden was diagnosed I bought a book that I've been keeping just for this day. I had to locate it first. I lent it out to a friend.

"Grateful: A Song of Giving Thanks."

It goes like this:

I've got a roof over my head.
I've got a warm place to sleep.
Some nights I lie awake counting gifts
Instead of counting sheep.
I've got a heart that can hold love.
I've got a mind that can think.
There may be times when I lose the light
And let my spirits sink...
But I can't stay depressed
When I remember how I'm blessed!

Grateful, grateful
Truly grateful I am
Grateful, grateful
Truly blessed
And duly grateful.

It's not that I don't want a lot,
Or hope for more or dream of more.
But giving thanks for what I've got
Makes me so much happier than keeping score.
In a world that can bring pain,
I will still take each chance...
For I believe that whatever the terrain
Our feet can learn to dance.
Whatever stone life may sling,
We can moan...
Or we can sing!

Keep Cooper in your prayers. He still is showing a spot on his lung x-ray from when he had pneumonia and an enlarged colon from malabsorption. Remembering all the while, that we are truly grateful.

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