Saturday, August 14, 2010


When I asked Cayden what his favorite thing about visitng Dr. Green was he said "Playing with the chalk board!"

Cayden and Trinity had their 3 month appointments at the CF clinic yesterday. Here's how they did:

Trinity waiting patiently for her exam. They have to be naked for weights and for lung exams :)

Trinity got an inch taller (yeah!), but not any heavier (double ughgh!).
We talked with Dr. Green about her troubles with doing nebulizers each day. Such a battle during her terrible two's! We certainly didn't have this much resistance from Cayden as a toddler so we are in unchartered territory! It's a tough one and we are doing all the things we should be...
-doing therapy consistently and as much of a "regular" routine as possible
-doing therapy ALL together as a family event
-watching tv, working on puzzles, coloring, etc.

Many parents have their own philosophies about fighting with their kids to do treatments. Some refuse to force treatments on their kids. Chris and I have always weighed in on the side of doing it no matter what. The sooner they realize that this is not an optional part of their day the better. Right now is a huge building block for their future when mom and dad aren't with them to do treatment every day :). I truly believe you have to just keep plowing through the "rebellion" to show them how important it is for their health.

Other than Trinity's weight, Dr. Green was super happy with her health. No cough!

Cayden had a great appointment too! He gained a whopping 1.5 lbs in just 2 1/2 months! Yeah! He made it to a new milestone starting PFT's (pulmonary function tests) before each appointment. He didn't quite get the hang of it, but the good news is that he has the rest of his life to figure them out :)

He did awesome though for his first time. It's hard to understand taking little breaths, little breaths, and one BIG fast breath out. He did great blowing out hard. Just not fast enough and not long enough. He said the nose clip squeezed too hard!
The nose clip stops him from breathing through his nose.

Looking at the computer results. They didn't get a good reading since Cayden didn't quite exhale for 3 seconds. His last two tries were the best :)

It's a pretty big machine for a little guy!

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