Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting Organized

It's been almost a week since we brought Cooper home from his hospitalization with pneumonia. 7 whole days to get organized and 'figure out' as best we can what taking care of three CFers really means.

Item #1 "The Medicine Cabinet"
I realize that most families function with a very small, confined space to house all their medications. We, however, took out an entire cabinet section. Before: it functioned as a spare pantry. After: A CFer's paradise

Item #2 "White Boarding it in Style"
I watch too much HGTV. Enough said. We use this handy tool, located in the kitchen near all the action, to keep us on task with all the medicines!

A pic of Trinity enjoying her new "boat ride." Cayden affectionately named the vest a "boat" since it looks just like a life jacket you would wear boating.

Somehow Trinity has managed to make a system of multi-tasking while doing her hypertonic saline treatments: holding her mask and sucking her thumb at the same time

Cooper is doing a great job keeping up with his older brother and sister. He already holds his nebulizer! What a big guy...we're so proud of you Cooper!

While I can't fully capture the essence of the chaos it entails doing daily treatments on a blog, all I can think of to describe it is a massive assembly line. For 2 hours at night we are constantly rotating the three through nebs, oral drugs, vest treatments. It's exhausting. Words don't do it justice...you just have to experience it live!

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