Thursday, January 14, 2010

Making it through...

I wanted to post a little blog update about the kids and the new treatments to let you know that we are just making it through. Cayden and Trinity's coughs are loosing momentum and we are all still very much adjusting to the horrendous scheduling conflicts that multiple nebulizers and 12 oral drugs have left us with. But we are, for the most part, getting by one day at a time. One day closer to magic number 28 when we will be free from some of these meds for at least 30 days (prayers for longer).

It has been a tiring 2 weeks, stressful, and filled with emotion (mostly from the excess in female hormones coming from me :)). But the kids are troopers just fighting with all their might and making their lungs stronger each day. We will get through this, we just have to keep reminder ourselves of that daily.

Tomorrow I leave for Steubenville, OH for a youth ministers retreat. Mixed emotions. On one hand I know how tireless and daunting taking care of the three kids is right now, and on the other hand I am in need of a retreat and reconnection with my faith. So, the other hand triumphs and off I go until Sunday. Prayers for Chris and my parents taking care of everything while I am away. I am so grateful for their support.

Thank you for the prayers. They're blessing us a hundred fold. Peace-Tiffany

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