Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Long Over Due Blog

I apologize for such a long gap in my blogs. I have been just barely breathing!
And so this blog will have to serve the purpose of a lightening speed version through the last 3 months or so (you'll see in a minute why I have had absolutely zero time to think about blogging).

Here goes (deep breath):
Since I wrote last in August what I have been occupied with.

+The first and most major of my absence here is that well,

It has been nothing short of exciting, but for now extremely exhausting. Literally during adoration at Steubenville God beckoned me to be open to life. We were! Praise God for the new miracle growing inside of me.

+Second, Chris and I were extremely overwhelmed wrapping up our year of fund-raising for Cystic Fibrosis. Every year from September-January we are on "vacation" from raising money! I say "vacation" with great sarcasm. So, what were were doing in September??? I'm so glad you asked! We held our 2nd Annual Kickin' for a Cure kickball tournament on September 19th. Here are some numbers to recap the day's events!

15-# of teams we had play in the tourney (up 7 from last year!!!)
12-# of $100 level sponsors
300-# of people we fed at the dinner
400- $ amount of liquor and beverages we went through
2- place our own team took in the tourney!
10,000-$ raised for CF!

Yahoo! Well worth every sleepless night and lack thereof! Plus, we made some new friends and got to hang out with old ones :). Enjoy these pictures from the event!

+And I suppose I would be amiss not to mention youth ministry's role in my absence.
The year is settling in. So far, so good. Our confirmation retreat is this weekend back to the source of where my love for ministry with young people began: Camp Gray. heart.

+Half of our household is also unemployed right now. Yes, Chris did get laid off and has been since the end of August. But God is providing ever so nicely.

+And for about the last 3 weeks I have been looking tirelessly for an H1N1 shot for my kiddos and myself. Even though we are in the major top 2 priority groups it took me that long to find one! But I am just glad the inmates go theirs before us! Phew!

In a nutshell that's what I've been up to! We are all healthy (praise you, Lord), overly busy (why me, Lord?) and enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

And I promise, I will blog more often. No more over due blogs. Hopefully no over due pregnancy!

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  1. Good post, even if long overdue...speaking of overdue, when are you due?