Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"There's Nothing Like a CF Mom"

We've all been following the story.  The controversy.  The heartache of a mother's plea for her daughter to be placed on a lung donor list.  Today Sarah, a 10 year old with CF, got a new pair of lungs.  But what pains me more, is that the world has called her story a "sparked debate."

And as a CF mama, this is not a Fox News report.  This is a matter of life and death.  For Sarah, for thousands of CF kids. 

I've never met Janet Murnaghan, but I imagine that she is amazing.  Inspiring.  A fighter.  In an interview Boomer Esiason (former NFL Quaterback dad of CF son Gunnar) said that Janet deserves a ton of credit.  "There's nothing like a CF mom."

I probably won't ever meet Janet or countless CF moms for that matter, however I see myself across the television screen each time the story is run.  I know Janet because we both got that "phone call".  We both can tell you where we were when the news broke of a CF diagnosis.

I am Sarah Murnaghan's mom.  We stand with Janet because we are exactly the same.  My CF moms and I share a connection that runs deeper than our friends, even our family.  We know the same heartache inside and out.  We see what you don't.  The fight against health care and insurance.  We battle nebulizer treatments, vest therapy, and enzymes at every meal.  Our kids fight the battle against life.   We fight the battles no one wants to.

We are Janet Murnaghan.
We are Sarah Murnaghan's mom.

We stand with you Janet.  We love you and are praising God for the gift of new life today.  We thank you for the life who will live on through the beautiful choice of organ donation.

To my beautiful CF mama's remember the words of a CF dad: "There's Nothing Like a CF Mom"!

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