Sunday, March 4, 2012


I'm stealing today's post from another CF mama to 2 boys. Her recent blog posted entitled "21,000" was so inspiring. Mary blogs over at Two Salty Boys Check it out:

21,000 times a day.

You do this 21,000 times every day and are generally unaware of it. But for some, it isn't so easy.


Let me explain... next time you grab for your Big Gulp, take a moment to pull the straw out and try breathing through it. Now breathe through it for 30 seconds. Next try breathing through it all day. Then consider what it's like to do this -- every day. Imagine 21,000 breaths like that.

Breathing is hard work. Something we take for granted. But for our kiddos with CF it isn't something to take lightly. We spend hours on treatments and nebulizers to do just one thing that is so precious to life. Breathing.

Here's a thought. what if you gave a buck for every 1,000 breaths you will breathe today to help my kiddos breathe easier.

And the catch is that you then SHARE this with all your friends with the same request -- $21.

That's 14 big gulps, if you're counting.
Or 4 coffees at a gourmet coffee shop.
Or 2 cocktails out on the town.

It's simple.
$21 and SHARE this with all your friends over email, Facebook, and Twitter
and ask them to donate $21.
And ask them to ask all their friends to donate. Just $21.
Pay it forward again. $21.
And so on.

Donate here for easier breathing

Make breathing seem as effortless as, let's say Cayden doing a handstand on his vest :)

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

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