Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hustle Bustle

We are so busy right now. To say we can barely slow down to breathe is an understatement.

Tomorrow night is our Make a Wish party to get all the paperwork finished for our trip to Disney. It's easy to forgot we have Christmas to celebrate before this big trip. Here are some pictures from our this past month as we decorated for Christmas and did some tree shopping at the Kysely's. Always our favorite time of the year!

Our Nativity Stable is filling up with stickers each night as we pray our way through Advent.

Our Christmas tree hunt was an easy one this year. We found ourselves a winner!

Clayton and Cayden

Time for cutting...

Trinity's turn

Timber! This year we competed with soggy shoes instead of snow as it as too warm in WI still.

Time for the star. Our trees always look taller inside!

Colin proud of last year's ornament he made in PreK 3

Trinity decorating


Cooper...well he slept the entire time tree hunting and was just not into the whole "decorating the tree" thing.

Here's a pic of all 4. So much fun in such a small wagon...

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