Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Breaking the Bank---and a Solution

Our kids enzymes have been costing us a fortune. Let's be real here..ALL our CF meds are!

My friend Julie, who did our open house kick-Off fundraiser for CF, introduced to Wildtree and gave me a great way to earn some more money in a very practical way: becoming a rep! It's healthy, all natural and actually VERY GOOD food. And this month it's half the price it normally is!

CONFESSION: I am not a "party" person. I'm not much for things of that sort, never have been and never will be. So this is a big deal for me. What makes me convinced that this product is different is because it is! It's practical. It's something my family will use every day. And it's much better for our bodies!

As a mom, I love Wildtree’s simplicity and convenience. As a caretaker for 3 with special needs, I love the benefit of making extra money. My Wildtree business will help our family support exceeding costs for my children’s CF medications.

All natural cooking products... fast, simple, affordable,
and “wildly” delicious. No food dyes, preservatives, MSG,
trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. The grapeseed oil is the most healthy, amazing oil I have ever cooked with.

Did you know store brand Taco Seasoning has the same material in it that are in those little packets that come in your shoe box that says "do not ingest" on the side??? Gross!

So, while I am selling Wildtree I am helping cut costs of meds that help my kids digest their food better :)

Learn more about this versatile product line at MY WEBSITE

My launch was last night and had a great time sharing a meal with some of my mom friends! If you would like to order and support me you can still order from last night's launch! If you live near me, have it shipped to me (because it'll save you a ton of money). If not, feel free to order and have it shipped direct to your door.

Here's a modest list of my favorite products that I would recommend if it's your first time trying it out:

1. Fettucine Alfredo (just like Olive Garden's...but better for you!)
2. Butter Grape Seed Oil (who doesn't like the taste of BUTTER on, well EVERYTHING!)
3. Carrot Cake (super moist!)
4. Blueberry Pancake Syrup (my kids always ask for this one on their breakfast goodies. It's a delicacy)
5. Scampi Blend (perfect sprinkled on chicken or made as the more traditional pasta dish)

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