Wednesday, April 6, 2011


What is more crazy than having 3 kids in a house of 6 with CF?
3 bottles of pink amoxicillin and a mommy on augmentin!

Cayden started complaining of a sore throat today so I wanted to have ALL of us (excluding Cooper) checked out. Everyone, including me, have been hacking the worst of coughs for upwards of a week. Line em, two, three, four.

You would have thought an army or a herd of cows or a flock of geese were coming in to the clinic this afternoon. I love doctor's offices who are patient and treat you like family. Who hold your baby so you can take off your toddler's coat. Who carry your diaper bag from the waiting room to the room. They are my heroes!

Now we just all need to get a little healthy. A long deserved beach house awaits us.

This is my thought for the day: Sometimes I feel more than equipped. And sometimes less. I guess that's God's way of keeping me to completely rely on Him!

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