Monday, April 4, 2011

Media and Youth Ministry

This past Sunday, our Theology of the Body mini-series was on Media and the Challenges and Choices teens must face in light of it. We did a little small group activity that created some really great discussion from the teens on the talk.

Puzzle Competition Relay. On one side of the room are 6 piles of pieces to completing a puzzle. Each picture is some form of media that we use. Each group will send one person to run to the other side, grab a puzzle piece. When they have returned the next person in line will go until all the pieces have been returned to the group. The first team to put together their puzzle the fastest, wins!

I found the link to making a poster out of any picture at Prepared

Block Posters

This would also be a great idea for themed parties or to make a giant poster for a kid's birthday party!

These were the images I used:

Once teams put together their poster, they discussed in their small group:
1) Do you use this form of media? Why or why not?
2) From Teresa’s talk what challenges does this form of media present in your life?
3) What things could you do differently to manage the time you spend with this media?
4) What is your relationship with God and prayer like in comparison?
5) How could you resolve to change that?
Share with one another one thing you can take away after hearing tonight’s talk.

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