Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As I sit here finding a spare moment in my crazy, hectic pace of a life I keep to update my blog readers on the kiddos appointment last Friday, I am


I am sitting in Chicago's Children Memorial Hospital with the Bourke family as Connor gets his treatment drug. Connor is 10 (almost 11). And he has an inoperable brain tumor. Suddenly life with three kids with CF is a piece of cake. It is nothing in comparison to what my friend Liz has to see and live each and every day.

Our appointment on Friday was awesome!

Cayden-gained 2 lbs.
Cooper-went from the 20th percentile for weight to the 60th. We are now "cutting back" on his high-calorie formula. He weighs 22 lbs!
Trinity-gained 1 lb but is falling off the growth chart so we are adding Ensure shakes to her diet and playing with the Mirolax to find some more balance in her stooling.

I always ask Colin if he wants to come along to clinics with the three of them or go to a friends house for a play date. This time he wanted to go along. I asked him who should Dr. Green see first. He said "I think Dr. Green should see me first mom." So he did. Listened to Colin's lungs and talked to him about his health. So sweet.

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