Friday, January 21, 2011

The "P" Word

This blog is all about the "P" word. Yes, poop.
Confession: I never thought I would have to call the doctor to ask for a laxative---for one of my CF kids!

The "P" word is a pretty common topic of interest in any CF family's vocabulary. This is what CF is all about!

It's true. Trinity has been constipated and having trouble passing the hard stools. I assumed it happens for the same reason they have greasy loose stools and malabsorption. Occasionally the gut becomes completely blocked, resulting in extreme stomach pain.

It's definitely a really good thing to have formed stools. It's just something you never expect in our house! But she's been complaining more and more lately that she's in pain which makes potty-training (which she has NO interest in what-so-ever) even more difficult. The doctor called in a prescription for mirolax to see if we have any improvement.

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