Saturday, January 29, 2011

He Weighs What?!?

That was exactly my reaction as I did a double blink at the numbers on the scales staring back at me.

Cooper weighs 20 lbs 7 oz. Finally all the hard work paid off!

We are so thrilled to have him above the 50th percentile for the first time!

And, he's no short cookie either. At 30 inches Cooper is also in the 75th percentile for height.

At nine months old my baby is growing up fast! Major accomplishment of this month has been mastering sitting up all by himself. He's on all fours and getting ready for crawling...look out!

I love this kid...

So serious.

Whoa! A little too close.

Finally a big grin.

Both dimples showing.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet. What a little doll.

    And, the weight. WOW! Big guy.

    Go Cooper - go! :)