Monday, November 8, 2010

There Will Be NO Hatred Here

Period. If you have been following this blog (and even if you haven't) there has been quite an uproar. More comments than I can fathom being made on one post that had absolutely nothing to do with the debate. the criticism. the judgment. the hatred.

And there will be no hatred here.

That's not what I'm about. That's not what my family is about. And that most certainly is NOT what my blog is about.
And for that very reason I have changed my comment moderation for approval on each and every posting. Because I do not have the time and energy to blog as it is. But when I do it is to share wisdom, hope and faith that my children share with me every day. To tell friends and family near and far the positive life my children are living because of the CF Foundation's amazing accomplishments over the past 5 decades. At the very least it is a story of perseverance. And when I do have the time and energy I do not need to be beaten with unkind words. Our family survives on support, pray, and our faith in a God who is all-knowing and all powerful. Rich in love and mercy.

There will be no hatred here.

So if you are reading for the first time, or the second, or perhaps the 56th time I am not writing this blog as an opening to some great debate or to ask for your approval. I am simply sharing our journey. I am proud of my beautiful family. If you do not agree with how we are living our life, please walk away quietly. And if you wish to build us up with positive comments, you are welcome to do so.

And if you need one more reason as to why I blog. It is for such a comment as these:
I received this post on my blog Saturday.

Christie wrote...
I'm sorry that people are feeling a need to attack you and your beautiful family! I'm currently awaiting results on my youngest son for CF. He had his sweat test on friday and I'm hoping they'll call me monday. I have 4 children and he is the 1st one thats had any health problems of any kid. However, even if he was the 1st, I would probably STILL have had the other 3 because its the choice of me & my husband. It is no one else's business but your own. People with CF are living healthier and healthier lives now. Medications & technologies are getting better and better and I want to hold out hope that there will be a cure by the time my son begins his family. CONGRATULATIONS to you for wanting & having your beautiful family. Your children will learn your love and how beautiful life is and thats an awesome gift! I just found your blog today while I was doing reasearch on CF to pass time while I sit by my phone waiting for results. =) THANK YOU!!!!!

Hope has two beautiful daughters
their names are Anger and Courage.
Anger at the way things are,
and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.

+St. Augustine of Hippo

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
+Walt Disney


  1. Way to go Tiffany!!! Sending some CF love & prayers your way!

  2. very good! exactly the way it should be. we are there to build each other up, and we shouldn't have to defend each other. however, sometimes there needs to be a defense. nevertheless,....offense is better....and then not to take ofence..... sp. ? lol.

  3. I heart your heart! :)

    Beautiful writing. Beautiful words and message.
    We need to be reminded of this each day. Be grateful and treat others how you want to be treated.

    Blessings and Hugs!

  4. Tiffany,

    All I can say is how much I love you and how I admire your faith. You certainly have embraced God's will and you know that he is not asking you to do anything that he hasn't already done himself. He died for us but look beyond the cross to see the victory. Our hope is in him!!! I love your family and so very proud of the wonderful daughter, mom and wife you are!!

  5. wow! i'm actually honored you chose to post my comment. =) thank you for continuing on! i received my son's results and they said it was borderline at 52. i'm not sure what the next step is really. heading to the pediatrician this wednesday to try to figure out what i do now. we've been testing him for just about everything under the sun for chronic diarrea and not gaining weight. allergy tests are coming back normal, poop tests are normal. they want to do an egd & biopsies of his esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines. i was really hoping his blood/poop work or sweat test would've come back with something more concrete so that i wouldn't have to put him thru the biopsies. sorry that i'm rambling! =) thank you for having this blog!! its very helpful & informative to a newbie like myself.