Sunday, November 28, 2010

Season of Waiting

Happy First Sunday of Advent!

Minus a few glitches (i.e. kids getting sick) this weekend was a blast.

Here's a quick run-down of what we did...
Wednesday night-left for Fennimore
Thursday-spent Thanksgiving with my family
Thursday night-got home late and unpacked our bags
Friday morning-5 am went Black Friday shopping (CRAZY!)
Friday afternoon-re-packed our bags, left for Madison
Friday later in the afternoon-did some shopping, checked-in to our hotel, went swimming

Friday night-ate at P.F. Changs followed by a pillow fight and pajama party in room 306

Saturday morning-kids woke up super early, Trinity was feeling a lot under the weather. Topel boys had male bonding at breakfast. Topel girls had female bonding by sleeping in late :)
Saturday later in the morning-made Cooper his first teddy bear for Christmas

Saturday afternoon-went home and got out the Christmas stuff!
Sunday-Mass in the morning; picked out a Christmas tree

I have been waiting all week for this weekend. Now, it's come and past :(

Researchers tell us that the average person will spend 5 years of his or her life waiting in line, 2 years playing telephone tag, and six months sitting at red lights.
It seems like we're all waiting for something, so why not use these experiences to enhance our Advent disciplines by prayerfully waiting, joining our prayers with Isaiah, Zechariah, and all the saints?

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