Monday, September 13, 2010

Life's Hard Lessons

It's been a while since I blogged and for those that do not know, our family has been deeply saddened by the lose of our dear friend's son Treyton. A six year old taken from earth on the night of his second day of 1st grade from a senseless tragedy: drunk driving.

A picture of Treyton and his family at our Great Strides walk 2 years ago this past May. He is the little boy in yellow on the right.

It has been undoubtedly one of the hardest weeks of my life both as a wife, mother, and friend. There have been many discussions at the breakfast table about death and heaven with our kids, but mostly Cayden. He asked me "Mommy, where is heaven?" I replied, "I'm not sure Cayden, I've never been there before." And then he asked, "Well, how do you know how to get there?" I replied again, "I'm not sure." As I looked over he was weeping and with tears in his eyes he explained that he was afraid to die, that he would miss me too much because I didn't know how to get to heaven. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk with him about our belief in God, in heaven and eternal life. But things are so simple to little children and I'm beginning to understand quite quickly that my explanations make no sense to him.

Every day he talks about dying and when I think he will die. I don't know the answer and to tell reassure him that I know for certain he will live to be old is not the truth. Because only God knows what we were created for. He is our Father and we, his children.

It has been a week and 2 days since the accident and Treyton's passing. And I can't help to think that just hours before the accident I sat next to his mom, the principal of our school, as we waited for our kindergartners to finish their first day of school. She held Cooper. And now, looking back I wish I could tell her to go and hold her son.

This past Saturday we were able to celebrate though. My little sister got married. She's the luckiest girl in the world and we are so happy for her! I am so proud of my beautiful family!

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