Thursday, June 3, 2010

Can I Get A Yeah for the Topel 2?

Some new pictures of the kids

Being the mom of three boys definitely has its perks!

Cooper had a great day today! He ate a "normal" amount at his feeding this afternoon---almost 6 oz.! When he was admitted he was only eating around 2 oz. so this is a huge, huge accomplishment.

With all the excitement with Cooper, I completely forgot to bask in our great accomplishment of the Topel 2 team raising nearly $13,000 at our Great Strides walk on May 16th! We have been so blessed with friends and family new and old this year helping us reach our goal! Talk about inspiration, a high schooler from church organized a team of her own and brought in an addition $200. And another bunch of friends ran a half marathon in Green Bay in honor of Cayden and Trinity raising over $500! A mom with a son in Cayden's class joined our team for the first year and helped us raise an additional $130 (in just a few short weeks, mind you) along with some other great families from St. John the Baptist's school also contributing $100 in donations. A 4th grader from Cayden's school even collected money all on her own. We simply have the best friends! It has been an amazing journey. We'll have to start thinking of great new names for Topel 2 since we have become Topel 3. It's still a work in progress! I am slowly starting to work on our kickball tournament slated for Sept. 25th. Let me know if you need a registration form :).



  1. Way to go Cooper!
    those pictures are so cute!!

  2. Hi again Tiffany,

    The best way to connect with several families is to join CysticLife. It's a social networking site specifically for CFers and their familes. Google it and you won't have any trouble from there.

    I'm always here to listen.


  3. Beautiful pictures! Thinking so much about you guys lately. Appreciate all the updates!

    Hugs, Anne