Thursday, February 4, 2010

Turn Back to Praise!

Every blessing you pour out I'll, turn back to praise! (
Blessed Be Your Name, Redman lyrics)

Sorry for keeping everyone in suspense for the past few days. We received awesome news late yesterday that Trinity did not grow pseudomonas in her latest culture! No more 2 a day nebs!!!

This is a big deal, really, but right now it REALLY is a big deal. Our family will be starting a new chapter on February 15th (my 25th birthday) when Chris goes back to work out of town during the week. I keep thinking to my self..."I am so glad God didn't think I could handle psudomonas by myself!" Thank you Jesus and Mary for answered prayers. Thank You for praying hard. Please continue to pray for this new transition for our family to be a smooth one full of much support from family and friends.

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