Thursday, January 28, 2010

And counting...

I lost track of where we are in the 28 days of treatment. Imagine that. I do know though for a fact that we have past the half way marker. I had to remix antibiotics. For some reason when you have 2 kids with CF pharmacists trust you immensely with pre-measured water and dry antibiotic powder. So by now we should be very close to 20 days! We are finally use to the long treatments and Trinity is able to sit by herself during her TOBI nebulizer! Here's what a typical day is looking like around here:

7:00 am-the troops arise (that would be the boys of course)
7:10-still telling Cayden to eat breakfast
7:20-STILL reminding Cayden he needs to finish breakfast so he can get to school on time.
7:25-Cayden's morning round of meds.
7:35ish or so-Cayden dressed
7:45-Out the door
Between 8:30 and 9:00-Trinity wakes up (a true princess!)
9:05-breakfast for Trinity
9:10ish-Trinity's morning round of meds.
9:15-dress Colin and Trinity (this is Chris' gig M, W, F)
9:30-pulmozyme nebulizer for Trinity
9:50-therapy for Trinity
10:10-TOBI nebulizer for Trinity
10:50-FINALLY done with Trinity's morning nebs.
11:15-start lunch
11:45-clean up lunch
12:00- naps :)
3:00- Trinity up from nap, boys never end up taking nap unless Cayden has school and then he's really tired. M,W, F I come home!
5:00-start dinner
6:00-eat dinner
6:15-clean up dinner (notice there's only a 15 minute window here for the adults to scarf down their food)
6:30-baths, clean up toys...
6:50-evening meds for both Trinity and Cayden
7:00-pulmozyme nebulizer for Cayden while simultaneously doing Trinity's therapy again
7:15-Cayden ready for his vest
7:20-Trinity ready for last round of TOBI for the day
7:45-Cayden finishes his treatment
7:55-Trinity finishes her treatment
8:00-brush teeth, say our prayers, read a quick story. Sleep with the angels.

And tomorrow, we start all over again. And yes, somewhere in the day we try to fit in time for Colin.

A week ago yesterday Colin turned the big 3! He had a great "Colin-o-dile" birthday party complete with a crocodile cake. He weighs 36 lbs and measures 36 inches tall! 90th percentile for weight. Ugh, he must live in a house with children who malabsorb everything they eat!

Friday we are seeing Trinity's CF doctor even though we originally didn't plan on seeing him again until the end of February. About a week ago Trinity's wheezing started back up and they put her on albuterol which seems to be controlling those symptoms better.

Enjoy the pictures below. I'm finally getting around to posting them!

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