Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Hard to Act Christmas

Cayden and Trinity are both still not back to baseline (aka no cough). In fact for Trinity it has gotten a whole lot worse. So I took both into the CF clinic in Madison on Monday to be seen. New rounds of antibiotics for both, sputum cultures to find out what the heck is growing, and chest x-rays (which I'm still waiting for results on). The doc felt pretty confident that it isn't anything more than just a cold virus running its course, but definitely taking its toll in the process! We're continuing chest PT 3-4 times a day. That's pretty much all we spent our time doing over Christmas Eve and Day. I can see a huge improvement in Cayden already. Trinity on the other hand is hanging on to it!

A family picture from Christmas to share:

I came across this quote about "acting" Christmas. It's truly what the season is all about. As I drive by people's homes I am saddened to see abandoned trees already a week after Christmas Eve. Don't they know the three kings haven't even come yet???

"It is easy to think Christmas,
and it is easy to believe Christmas,
but it is hard to act Christmas."

Thinking about that quote how can we act Christmas. My thoughts go straight to the people that didn't welcome Mary and Joseph. Those who simply did not have "enough" room. Do we have just "enough" of Christ in our lives. Or are we ready to take the next step of faith and make more room. Even if it isn't the most comfortable. Or convenient. Or if it means giving up something. Can we act Christmas long after the tree has been taken down. The tinsel and glitter all faded. Can we act as Christ did by becoming one of us. Taking on the sins of man.

It is hard to act Christmas. But we don't have to look very far for how to do it. The manger is enough a reminder.

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