Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

Today is a momentous day. Not only is it the day before the 4th (that would be the 3rd) of July, it is also the day I broke open a blog. I am probably overwhelmed with e-mail and facebook already, but I felt "Holy Spirit" inspired to begin this blog. I am crazy in love with my family and job and I wanted to share how important faith is in my struggles on this journey to holiness. I am no ordinary youth minister or mom. Add the two together and welcome to what I call "unorganized chaos." Just for the record chaos can be organized (true statement). And so begins my blog. Public venting is probably more the word for it. The lyrics to a popular Christian song come to mind:

I got a couple dents in my fender
Got a couple rips in my jeans
Try to fit the pieces together
But perfection is my enemy
And on my own I'm so clumsy
But on Your shoulders I can see
I'm free to be me

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